Evidenced Based Practice and Privatization of Treatment ~ how it is changing the work we do

Why do we need evidence based practices? Are we making treatment better by using EBP? Is privatization of treatment increasing the effectiveness and addressing the access to care issue? This workshop will discuss the pros and cons of evidence based practices and discuss the challenges we face with privatization. We will discuss how to manage the changes in managed care moving us towards a more evidence based practice as well as how privatization connects to this movement. Much like the medical care system we are faced with challenges of service delivery responsibilities, private managed behavioral health care organizations and treatment facilities and finding ways to contain treatment costs and operational efficiencies.

1) Discuss three pros and cons of Evidence Based Practices
2) Identify several challenges of privatized health care and treatment
3) Develop strategies and ideas to manage the changes we face with EBP and privatization

Thursday, December 7, 2017 - 9:00am to 4:00pm
PCB Hours Approved: 
6 hrs
Martha Thompson, PsyD, CAADC
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