Treating the Whole System: Family and Couples Therapy in Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Families are exposed to addiction; let us now expose them to the recovery process.

Research tells us that successful individual recovery can increase by 80 percent when a strong primary support system exists. Individuals seeking treatment for substance use disorders have opportunities to gain education and insight and process their experiences and emotions while developing healthy coping mechanisms. Families, friends and loved ones often do not have the same exposure; therefore, they can benefit from any opportunity to be brought into the recovery process. One of the primary ways to incorporate families into treatment is by conducting family and/or couples therapy sessions. It is in that setting that loved ones can express themselves in safe and supportive environments while also learning about the elements of successful recovery for the primary client. The counselor can get a glimpse into the family system and perhaps gain another perspective of their client. This training will focus on couples/family therapy. The presentation will include a brief overview of family systems theory, followed immediately by case study analysis. Attendees will have opportunity to present their own clinical cases/experiences in small and large groups and finally, will practice the therapeutic elements in some role-playing activities. By the workshop end, participants will increase their knowledge, comfort and skills in facilitating family/couples sessions and will feel more prepared to address the needs of the whole system. 

Monday, September 18, 2017 - 9:00am to 4:00pm
PCB Hours Approved: 
6 hrs
Dana Cohen, MA, M.Ed
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