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This full-time position at Lancaster General Health (LGH) is for a Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) who will be a core member of a collaborative care team in primary care. The team includes the patient's primary care provider, a social worker who provides mental health care, and a psychiatrist who consults to the team remotely. The CRS will be part of a research study in Philadelphia evaluating collaborative care models for integrating buprenorphine treatment and mental health care in primary care for patients with opioid use disorders and mental health conditions. The CRS position will be located at LGH and will be working remotely with the Philadelphia research team. The CRS will be located on-site at LGH and will travel to different primary care clinics and in the community. They will provide LGH patients with recovery education for every phase of the recovery journey from pre-recovery engagement, recovery initiation, recovery stabilization, and sustained recovery maintenance and provide a model for both people in recovery and staff by demonstrating that recovery is possible. The CRS will assist patients to identify their personal interests, goals, strengths and challenges regarding recovery and assist/coach patients to develop their own plan for advancing their recovery; for “getting the life they want” and doing so on the path of recovery that is right for them. The CRS will identify and link study participants to community resources (communities of recovery, educational, vocational, social, cultural, spiritual resources, mutual self-help groups, professional services, etc.) that support the recovering person’s goals and interests. This will involve a collaborative effort including the patient, providers and other relevant stakeholders. They will develop relationships with community groups/agencies in partnership with others in the health system. The CRS will identify barriers to full participation in recovery-related activities and develop strategies to overcome those barriers. The CRS will maintain contact in-person, by phone, text or e-mail with patients once they start the study and throughout the intervention to ensure ongoing success and to provide re-engagement support in partnership with others in the health system if needed. The CRS will also assist with patient recruitment. The target population is individuals with opioid use disorder and mental health conditions.

University of Pennsylvania - Perelman School of Medicine at Lancaster General Health
Lancaster, PA

The primary duties for the CRS will include, but are not limited to:
• Meet with LGH patients regularly to assess treatment adherence, address patient needs and learn about unmet needs. Accompany patient to primary care and other health care visits as needed and provide other services as directed by leadership. Assist with patient recruitment and enrollment into study.
• Coordinate information and patient needs (social service, health and medication) with appropriate interdisciplinary providers: Primary Care Physician (PCP), social worker, and other treatment providers. Serve as an essential link between patients and all other care providers.
• Interact with patient service representatives to expedite scheduling for follow-up and acute care appointments. Facilitate appointments for consults and support services within established service standards, including behavioral health clinicians, social workers, physicians, community agencies, etc.
• Develop concise patient progress summaries for use by the care team, and document recommendations made utilizing standardized care protocols in accordance with state/nationally recognized care guidelines.
• Monitor and evaluate the delivery of care through documentation and tracking of needs addressed, track outcomes and support strategic planning through data collection in accordance with all state requirements and the research protocol.
• Follow patients throughout the care continuum, including inpatient admissions, discharges from all levels of care, and collaborate with inpatient care management resources. Adhere to established productivity benchmarks.


An Associate’s Degree in behavioral health, nursing, or related field is preferred. Must have prior behavioral health experience and knowledge of behavioral health resources. Must be a Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS). Must maintain a valid CRS certification and remain in good standing during employment.

Other qualifications:
• Ability to work in the Lancaster, PA area and have a vehicle to meet patients at primary care clinics and in the community
• Demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively in a team setting
• Ability to work with patients by telephone and in-person
• Ability to quickly assimilate new information in a fast-paced work environment with enthusiasm
• Well organized and demonstrates skill in prioritizing competing job duties.
• Ability to utilize computer software (Word, Outlook, Excel)

Special interest in those who have previous experience working in community-based research or in under-resourced settings.