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Our Mission is to bring our full selves to our patients, transforming their lives in exchange for a willingness to trust, commit, and reimagine what’s possible.

Veteran and First Responder Healthcare (VFR Healthcare) is veteran owned and operated and is the outpatient recovery program that takes on trauma and its consequences with deep empathy and wise experience. We’re focused on addiction, substance abuse, and other mental health issues. We’re approved to treat Veterans and first responders, but we don’t stop there. Our experts can bring clients from hurt to heal – but only if they’re fully committed. We are passionate about what we do because of the bond that comes from service to our nation and for the individuals that put the safety and security of others and their country above themselves.

VFR Healthcare is looking for a leader in the behavioral health space to join our Clinical Services team. In your role you will be responsible for working directly with our VP of Clinical Operations to help build out a best-in-class clinical program, that will be delivered via Telehealth, that is designed specifically to treat addiction and mental health conditions that Veterans, First Responders, and their families are struggling with.

The VFR Telehealth Program Coordinator will also be responsible for managing a small caseload of individuals seeking telehealth services. You will facilitate a wide range of outpatient treatment programs and service for Substance Use Disorder and mental health issues for individuals and families while engaging in case management services for your caseload.

Veteran and First Responder Healthcare

Program Development
• Identifies, develops, evaluates, and implements new evidence based programs of the highest-quality that supports the needs of the Veteran and First Responder community to promote health and wellness in that community while also promoting growth of the program and the brand
• Develops training and programming to deliver high quality and effective telehealth IOP and OP services
• Creates programs and initiatives that address social/economic/health inequalities using Population Health tools and strategies for the Veteran and First Responder Communities

Clinical Responsibilities
• Responsible for assessing client for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health needs using DSM criteria
• Completion of Initial Assessments for IOP clients, and PHP clients as needed, as well as assessing for appropriate level of care
• Obtain and review records relevant to the current treatment episode, and contact to relevant referral sources, family or outside systems as needed
• Prepare and maintain treatment plan and necessary revisions, in conjunction with other staff
• Coordinate with discharge planner regarding continuing care and recommendations for discharge
• Documentation of all counseling services in clinical records
• Complete relevant state-required work for clients on your caseload
• Participate as a member of the multidisciplinary team assigned to the client and participate in case management meetings
• Conduct individual and group counseling sessions
• Develop and Facilitate Responder Groups
• Communicate with family members, attorneys, EAPS, doctors or other outside resources, as needed, within provision of consent to release documents, and document all communications
• Initiate releases, contracts for safety or any other necessary documents as needed
• Provide crisis intervention and other functions as needed
• Collects, enters, and maintains referral and client data in pertinent programs, i.e., Word, Electronic Health Record, Calendar, and PA WITS.
• Requires regular and consistent attendance

• Any other Duties assigned.


• Valid and active unrestricted license in a Behavioral Health
• 6 – 10 years’ experience in field of adult alcohol/drug abuse treatment or related social services delivery field
• 2+ years’ experience treating Veterans and/or First Responder in the field of alcohol/drug abuse treatment or related social services delivery field
• Minimum five years supervisory/management experience
• Military Veteran or former first responder (police, fire, corrections, EMT, etc.) preferred but is not required.
• Strong working knowledge of benefits Veteran’s and First Responders can receive and how to apply for said benefits.
• Social in nature and have the desire to make a positive impact in lives of Veterans and their families.