Employment Opportunity: Behavioral Health Therapist

Caron Treatment Centers
Wernersville, PA

This position is for a Behavioral Health Therapist with experience working with Men's Phase I and will require relative experience. The Therapist is to provide all the basic counseling and case management services required by patients during their treatment experience. The Therapist is expected to carry out the philosophy of the Caron Treatment Centers in his/her daily work routine and to act as a catalyst in the therapeutic process of the patient’s treatment episode.


1. Case management – Overall coordination of a patient’s care while in residential services, including the integration of family sessions, school expectations, communication with referral sources, assessment of patient progress and communication to the clinical team regarding special treatment needs and procedures.

2. Responsible for assessment activities (bio-psychosocial interview/integrated summary) – A clinical function to determine eligibility for, and placement in a level of treatment based on admission criteria. The writing and summation of findings from therapy and other disciplines with diagnostic impressions.

3. Group therapy and individual counseling – Conducting the clinical process through which patients address treatment goals, as stated on their treatment plans via an interactive process with other patients.

4. Family sessions – Collecting information on the chemically dependent patient, assessing family dynamics, recommending the family education program and possible ongoing family therapy. This also includes individual family therapy as needed.

5. Continuing care assessment and planning – Assess unresolved and deferred problems and write goals and objectives in the continuing care/aftercare plan, and coordinate this with patient advocacy.

6. Expected to work within the ethical constraints of the certified addiction counselor, and other professional or organizational ethic standards as they apply to the position.

7. Responsible for documenting treatment plans, progress notes, treatment plan updates, case consultations, telephone calls and discharge summaries in the patient records in accordance to Caron policies and procedures.

8. Responsible for completing necessary utilization review information and forwarding it to the Patient Advocacy Department.

9. Assume responsibilities such as coordination of internship training programs, perform speaking engagements for targeted groups in the facility and general community, represent the facility on clinical/ administrative committees, assist in training new staff and consult or provide other treatment services at Caron Treatment Centers facilities as assigned.

10. This job description reflects management’s assignment of essential functions; it does not prescribe or restrict the tasks that may be assigned.

Physical Requirements:

1. Must be able to work extended hours, travel as needed.
2. Must be able to deliver presentations that may be both multiple times and for lengthy period.
3. Must be able to lift up to 20 pounds.
4. Must be able to climb stairs.


1. Must possess the willingness and capacity for growth, both personally and professionally.
2. Must have the ability to be objective, empathetic while addressing the individual needs of the respective patients, referrals and family members.
3. Must be computer literate and able to work with most Microsoft applications along with network components.
4. Must have fluid communication skills and the ability to document insights and observations in a clinical record.
5. Must possess a high degree of professionalism and be able to keep confidential information, and treat sensitive clinical information ethically.
6. Must be able to keep all clinical work within the guidelines of the Pennsylvania Certification Board ethical standards throughout his/her work.
7. Must be thoroughly familiar and be able to demonstrate knowledge of the principles and programs of the various 12 step fellowships.
8. Must possess good verbal and writing skills.


1. Master’s Degree in Human Services and Licensure required.
2. Specialty training such as DBT, Art Therapy, EMDR, etc. preferred.
3. Experience in adolescent developmental issues for their respective fields.
4. Extensive experience in the area of facilitating group therapy.
5. If recovering two years of uninterrupted sobriety preferred.
6. Must comply with ACT 33 of Pennsylvania law to work with youth populations.

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