Employment Opportunity: Clinical Therapist

Pittsburgh, PA

PERSAD Center is seeking a full time LCSW to do outpatient therapy with LGBT individuals and families. Drug and alcohol certification preferred but not required. PERSAD Center offers competitive salary and benefits.


Major Goal Areas
The Clinical Therapist is the principal provider of direct care clinical service at PERSAD Center. This position is a full time (37.5 hours/ week) salaried position. It is the responsibility of the Clinical Therapist to provide initial and ongoing assessment of each client to determine the most effective and useful counseling. The primary tasks of the Clinical Therapist are: assessing new clients; providing individual, couple and group therapy; maintaining adequate documentation that is required; maintaining accurate financial records; participating in supervision and providing emergency phone coverage as assigned. The Clinical Therapist works in the agency’s Mental Health Counseling center and may have a caseload of clients with drug and alcohol, mental health, HIV/AIDS, sexual or gender orientation concerns. The Clinical Therapist is supervised by and responsible to the Clinical Director or Clinical Supervisor as assigned. LCSW preferred but LPC or LMFT will be considered.
Key Performance Area: Direct Clinical Care - Individual Therapy
Performance Standards: The Clinical Therapist will:
1. demonstrate a knowledge of assessment techniques including historical assessment, structured interview, and behavioral assessment that contributes to an accurate diagnosis.
2. provide accurate diagnostic assessment of a client’s needs
3. work with the client and the treatment team to determine an appropriate course of treatment to meet the client’s goals and the expected outcomes of the case.
4. demonstrate basic clinical skills including, but not limited to: a capacity to establish and maintain a treatment alliance, and the ability to provide respect and empathy toward the client.
5. effectively manage counter-transference issues and feelings that might threaten to interfere with treatment.
6. utilize supervision - reporting progress, success and difficulty in treating cases assigned
7. effectively manage the termination process, regardless of the reason for termination.
8. refer clients to appropriate support services and to other levels of care when needed and with the client’s written consent
9. document case notes, treatment plans, evaluations and all other required paperwork in a timely fashion according to policy and procedure.
10. collect and turn in client fees as determined by the billing office
11. maintain credentials and required training and requirements to satisfy insurance and contractor panels and enrollments

Key Performance Area: Direct Clinical Care - Family/Couple Therapy
Performance Standards (in addition to those under Individual Therapy): The Clinical Therapist will:
1. identify the key relationships in which our clients are involved
2. invite and engage relevant family of choice members who are significant to the treatment process as indicated and approved by the client
3. seek written consent to talk to family of choice members and invite them to services as appropriate and approved by the client
4. provide couples or family therapy as indicated by the treatment assessment and plan
5. demonstrate skill in relational development between family members and couples
6. teach communication and conflict resolution where appropriate

Key Performance Area: Direct Clinical Care - Group Therapy
Performance Standards (in addition to those under Individual Therapy): The Clinical Therapist will:
1. demonstrate group facilitation skills in the delivery of group services
2. follow approved curriculums and treatment models for the delivery of services
3. work in conjunction with the primary therapist or outside provider to assure that group services support any other treatment service being utilized by the client.
4. teach communication and conflict resolution skills
5. demonstrate skill in using group process to assist clients in working through treatment issues
6. create group norms and safety for all group members

Key Performance Area: Supervision and Team Membership:

Performance Standards: The Clinical Therapist will:

1. actively and productively participate in individual, team and all staff supervision and meetings as scheduled

2. work to continually improve skills seeking training in areas where needs or goals have been identified

3. respond to routine and emergency contacts from clients and cover the after hours phone as assigned

4. openly acknowledge difficulty in managing any particular case and seek support and supervision

5. immediately report critical issues and work with supervisor to develop and intervention plan

6. expect self and co-workers to maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and immediately bring to their and their supervisor’s attention any concerns or violations

7. work as a team member to improve the various services offered by the agency, sharing information about cutting edge practices, or identifying gaps and needs in service.

8. support and attend where possible agency events or initiatives, and the goals of the agency strategic plan

Contact Info: 

HOW TO APPLY: Send resume and cover letter to: ssoloski@persadcenter.org. No phone calls please.

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