Effective February 1, 2023, the IC&RC ADC domains and examination will be updated. IC&RC updates their international reciprocal credentials every five to seven years resulting in revised domains. Revised domains also require that the IC&RC update their examinations. Questions on the revised examination will align with these updated domains for examinations taken by candidates starting February 1, 2023. This examination update only applies to professionals who are seeking the CAAC or CADC credential. For additional information on the updated domains below, please review the Revised ADC Candidate Guide. Current domains and new domains are listed here.


ADC Current Domains:                                                       ADC New Domains:

1. Screening, Assessment & Engagement                              1. Scientific Principles of Substance Use and Co-Occurring Disorders

2. Treatment Planning, Collaboration & Referral                    2. Evidence-Based Screening and Assessment

3. Counseling                                                                          3. Evidence-Based Treatment, Counseling, and Referral

4. Professional & Ethical Responsibilities                                4. Professional, Ethical, and Legal Responsibilities