Effective May 1, 2023, candidates applying for the CAAP will be required to complete the updated application and new CAAP examination. Candidates who have already applied must either take the current CAAP examination by April 30, 2023 or they will be required to take the updated examination. A new Content Outline was completed for the CAAP, therefore the examination content will change. The education requirement has also changed. The new domains are listed below.


 CAAP New Domains:                                         CAAP Current Domains:                                                     

1. Behavioral Health Competence                          1. Clinical Competence                             

2. Case Management                                              2. Professional Responsibility                     

3. Ethical Responsibilities and Professionalism       3. Systems Integration       

4. Safety and Self-Care

5. Professional Communication & Interpersonal Skills

6. Cultural Competency


A credential for individuals working in the behavioral health field in positions where they are working primarily with populations who have experience with substance use disorders or co-occurring disorders. These individuals have a variety of roles and skills. A professional who earns a CAAP demonstrates their competence with substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders.




For more in depth information on the requirements please review the downloadable application above.


Formal Education: Minimum high school diploma/GED.


Work Experience: Two (2) years of full-time of 4000 hours of part-time work experience providing direct substance use disorder auxiliary services. 


Current Job Description: Copy of current job description, obtained from current employer, and which must be signed by both the applicant and their immediate supervisor.


On-The-Job Supervision: 100 hours of on-the-job supervision of qualifying work experience with a minimum of 10 hours of supervision in each domain. 


Education/Training: 50 hours of substance use disorder relevant education/training including 6 hours in substance use disorder ethics. Effective May 2, 2023 75 hours of substance use disorder relevant education/training including 6 hours in substance use disorder ethics will be required. 


Examination: Once application is approved, applicant must pass the PCB Examination for Certified Allied Addiction Practitioners (CAAP examination).