Certified Recovery Specialist Update

CRS UPDATE – December 2019


PCB adheres to best practice standards for certification which dictates updating credentials every five to seven years.  To that end, the CRS credential went through an extensive update in August 2019 with 15 Subject Matter Experts (CRSs who work in this capacity from across the state).  The Subject Matter Experts reviewed and discussed the existing CRS domains/core competencies, knowledge, skills and abilities as well as the current CRS standards/requirements for the credential resulting in updated domains and standards.  While many of the domains remain the same, there are changes in format, task reassignment, and additional new domains.  The updated domains were then sent out on survey to over 1500 CRSs which resulted in a 46% response rate with an overwhelming approval/agreement of the updated domains. 


PCB staff and Board of Directors want to take this time to thank the almost 700 CRS’s and stakeholders who completed the survey. The response rate and comments were invaluable to this process. We read every single comment and will incorporate the feedback into the next phase of the update.


Of significance related to the CRS credential update are two important changes which will take effect January 1, 2021:

  1. 75 hours of CRS training will be required for the CRS credential rather than the current 54 hours.
  2. The 75 hours of CRS training will be a standardized curriculum currently under development.

For CRSs currently enrolled in a 54-hour CRS training program or who plan to enroll in 2020, they will still be able to apply for the CRS using the 54 hours as long as PCB receives their completed CRS application on or before January 1, 2021.


More information will be forthcoming as the curriculum development continues.

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