A credential for individuals with personal, lived experience in their own substance use disorder recovery. By offering insight into the recovery process based on their own experience, recovery specialists are able to provide a unique perspective while providing recovery support services. The CRS is not a sponsor, case manager, or a therapist but rather a role model, mentor, advocate, and motivator.


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For more in depth information on the requirements please review the downloadable application above.


Formal Education: Minimum high school diploma/GED.


Education/Training: 78 hours of mandatory, standardized recovery specialist training. You must have at least 18 months in a continuous manner of personal, lived recovery experience to enroll in the CRS training.


Personal, Lived Recovery Experience: More than 18 months in a continuous manner of personal, lived recovery experience.


Statement of Lived Experience: A minimum 1000 word essay describing your experience with recovery and your history of sustained recovery.


Examination: Once application is approved, applicant must pass the PCB Examination for Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS examination).