A credential for professionals who provide clinical supervision to substance use disorder counselors. Supervision is a formal or informal process that is administrative, educative, and supportive. It ensures quality of clinical care and extends over time. Supervision includes observation, mentoring, coaching, evaluating, inspiring, and creating an atmosphere that promotes self-motivation, learning, professional development, and ethical decision-making.




For more in depth information on the requirements please review the downloadable application above.


Prerequisite: Hold a current and valid CAAC, CADC, CAADC, CCDP, CCDPD, or CCJP OR a master's degree in a relevant field. 


Clinical Work Experience: Five (5) years of full-time or 10,000 hours of part-time work experience as a substance use disorder or co-occurring disorder counselor AND Two (2) years of full-time or 400 hours of part-time work experience providing clinical supervision to substance use disorder or co-occurring disorder counselors. The two years of clinical supervisor work experience may be included in the five years of counseling work experience. 


Current Job Description: Copy of current clinical supervisor job description, obtained from current employer, and which must be signed by both the application and their immediate supervisor. 


On-The-Job Supervision: 200 hours of on-the-job supervision of qualifying work experience with a minimum of 10 hours of supervision in each clinical supervisor domain. 


Education/Training: 30 hours of clinical supervision education/training. 


Examination: Once application is approved, applicant must pass the IC&RC Examination for Clinical Supervisors (CS examination).