Enrollment Status
Frederick Shue
Heather Fechtenburg
Melissa Groden
Class Dates
Montgomery County Recovery Community Center (MCRCC) - 601 DeKalb St., Suite 1, Norristown, PA 19401
Sponsoring Organization
The Council of Southeast PA / PRO-ACT
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Do you identify as transgender?
My PRIMARY reason for enrolling in the training is:
I attest that I have a personal, lived substance use history and recovery experience.
Are you enrolling in this course to complete the education requirements for the Certified Recovery Specialist Supervisor credential only?
I attest that I have been directly impacted by a family member or loved one of mine with a substance use disorder and will share my lived experience with other families to provide recovery support services.
I understand that by enrolling in this training that recovery is a highly individualized journey that requires abstinence from all mood and mind-altering substances that may be supported using medication that is appropriately prescribed and taken.
I have a High School Diploma/GED or higher.
I am able to attend the entirety of the in-person training requirement (66 hours).
I attest that I currently have at least 1.5 years of uninterrupted manner of personal, lived recovery experience.