Lessons from the Dark Side: The Elements of Organizational Ethics (Intermediate/Advanced: MH/SUD: Ethics, Professionalism)

Organizations that do not have an outlook for positive ethical practices as part of their cultures usually lead to their own demise by their questionable practices. The converse is generally true; organizations that have integrity and encourage ethical practices as part of their culture are viewed with respect by their employees, community, and corresponding industries. If you are in a position of institutional influence or have an interest in the principles of organizational ethics, join us for a workshop that provides an overview of the fundamental concepts associated with organizational ethics in behavioral healthcare. Come find out what it is that comprises the basic elements of any ethical organization as well as the kinds of leadership principles that create and support a culture that rejects questionable practices.


Training Objectives

  • Articulate the difference between individual or personal ethics and institutional ethics
  • Describe the relationship of organizational competence to fraudulent business practices
  • Cite the top reasons why unethical practices go unreported
  • Verbalize the typical corporate responses to an ethical crisis
  • Ask a series of targeted questions in the determination of whether and action is ethical or unethical.


Thomas M. Baier, MHS, LPC, CADC, CCS