Xylazine: The New Drug Additive

This training will provide a comprehensive understanding of harm reduction strategies, public health issues, current drug trends, wound care related to xylazine use, fentanyl test strips, updated withdrawal protocols, and updated overdose reversal techniques, given the proliferation of xylazine within the illicit drug supply. We will discuss stresses the importance of knowing how to interact with people currently using drugs or experiencing homelessness and providing basic public health needs to combat the public crisis we are experiencing. This training aims to equip participants with practical knowledge and resources to address the challenges posed by xylazine use in a thorough and compassionate manner.



  • Identify xylazine trends in PA & national drug supply.
  • Describe xylazine’s impact/harm to the human body, the community, and public health overall.
  • Identify proactive ways to respond/treat street-level during active use & acute withdrawal management.
  • Discuss history and legality of fentanyl test strips.
Best Practices
Mental Health (MH)
Research to Practice
Substance Used Disorder (SUD)


Sarah Laurel

Savage Sisters' founder and Executive Director, Sarah Laurel, created Savage Sisters and its programming after she overcame her traumatic battle with Substance Use Disorder and homelessness. After years of being shuffled through the system, she found herself in a wheelchair and once again being offered substandard care. What began as a desire to have one safe home for a couple of women, grew organically over the past five years. Today, Savage Sisters has eleven recovery homes, a drop-in center, weekly street-based outreaches, and nationwide overdose reversal and harm reduction trainings.