The Impact of Substance Use Disorder on Parenting and Children

This training will provide information on how Substance Use Disorder (SUD) affects parenting behavior and children – both in times of active use and in recovery. We will also examine strategies for providing safety to children in homes with parental SUD, as well as support for parents and caregivers of children while in treatment and early recovery.



  • Demonstrate understanding of at least three ways that parenting behavior is affected by SUD.
  • Identify at least three strategies for helping families with parental SUD.
  • Understand the needs of parents of minor children who are engaged in treatment and early recovery.
  • The effects of a variety of substances on behavior of parents and risks for children living with parents in active addiction.
  • The way children understand substance use is influenced not only by the age of the child but by their interactions with caring adults, both inside and outside of the child’s family.
  • How children may experience a “trauma of recovery” when parents enter treatment, and how children react to a newly sober parent.
Mental Health (MH)
Substance Used Disorder (SUD)


Beth Bitler, MSA, CAAP, CFRS

Beth Bitler has more than thirty years of experience in the fields of family recovery and parent education. Her background includes development of a curriculum for parents in recovery from Substance Use Disorder, oversight of a statewide network of child abuse prevention programs and administration of a community-based nonprofit. Her most recent experience was in a management position in an inpatient treatment facility, where she provided psychoeducational groups to patients and their families, managed the facilities Family Services Program, and monitored client visits with families.

A seasoned trainer, Beth has presented seminars and workshops at both national and statewide conferences, as well as continuing education sessions for child welfare and treatment professionals. She holds a Master’s in Nonprofit Administration from West Chester University. Her certifications include Family Life Educator, Allied Addictions Practitioner and Family Recovery Specialist; she is a Master Trainer for the ACT Raising Safe Kids program.