SNAP Out of it: Examining Process Addiction to Social Media and Internet Gaming


Millions of people use social media and play video games. Currently, there is no official diagnosis for social media addiction. The American Psychological Association has listed it as a condition for further study, but compulsive social media use is recognized as a behavioral addiction and is becoming increasingly more common. Gaming disorder became a recognized diagnosis in 2019.

This training will examine the developmental, social and neuroscience impacts that influence compulsive social media use and gaming disorders. Training participants will leave with information on the risks associated with specific social media platforms, diagnostic assessments to determine social media and/or gaming addiction, and interventions that can be used to treat social media and/or gaming addiction.



  • Understand the developmental, social, and neuroscience behind social media and/or gaming disorders.
  • Define the criteria for social media and/or gaming disorder.
  • Name clinical interventions that can be used when treating an individual with social media and/or gaming disorders.
Best Practices
Research to Practice


Donald Altemus, MS, CPS, CRS, CRSS, CAADC

Don Altemus has 15 years of experience in training, coaching, motivational interviewing, and advocacy in support of people in recovery. He has presented on an international level to advance concepts in peer support, community inclusion, and self-direction.

Don earned a BS in Behavioral & Addictions Counseling from Drexel University, and an MS in Psychology from the University of Phoenix. He works as a Behavioral Health Coach for Headspace Health, is an Adjunct Faculty member at Villanova University and provides Education, Supervision and Career Development services to Peer Behavioral Health Professionals with Recovery Education and Consulting, LLC.  His volunteer experience includes the Pennsylvania OMHSAS Adult Advisory Committee, Chester County MH/IDD Advisory Board, and the Pennsylvania Certification Board. Don is a QPR Suicide Prevention instructor and Crisis Intervention Trainer for police forces and is a member of the Chester County Disaster Crisis Outreach and Referral Team.