The Pennsylvania Doula Commission is a non-profit organization dedicated to the recognition, promotion, and protection of the doula profession.

The Pennsylvania Doula Commission emerged as an organization in 2021 as doulas and stakeholders attempted to meet with hopes of collaborating to expand doula access. In this process leaders rose to the surface to help advance doulas efforts to provide equitable access to doula support, while protecting the interest of both families and doulas across the Commonwealth.

The persons that now form the Pennsylvania Doula Commission continue to act as both leaders and liaisons in collaboration with stakeholders and government agencies who have a shared interest in uplifting the work of doulas in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and improving the declining maternal and infant health rates in this state.

If you are interested in learning more about the work of a doula and have questions associated with doula training, please visit the Pennsylvania Doula Commission website.

Doulas are non-medical; trained professionals who provide emotional, physical, and informational support and guidance in various aspects not limited to reproductive health and family services. Doulas provide services including but not limited to:


  • Providing continuous labor support to pregnant individuals, families, surrogates, and adoptive parents;
  • Conducting prenatal, postpartum, and bereavement in-person and virtual visits throughout the perinatal period, lasting until one year after birth or termination of pregnancy regardless of outcome;
  • Accompanying pregnant individuals to healthcare and social service appointments;
  • Providing support to individuals for loss of pregnancy or infant;
  • Connecting individuals to community-based, and state/federally funded resources, including those which address need within the social determinants of health;
  • Engaging in administrative tasks related to these services; and
  • Making oneself available (being on-call) around the time of birth or loss as well as providing support for any concerns of the pregnant individual throughout pregnancy and one year after delivery regardless of outcome.


For more in depth information on the requirements and knowledge areas please review the downloadable application above.


The PA Doula Commission is currently offering a financial scholarship for the cost of the CPD application fee. Complete the CPD Financial Application for consideration. 


Education/Training: EDUCATION/TRAINING PATHWAY ONLY  - 24 total hours of relevant education/training to the Certified Perinatal Doula knowledge areas.  1 hour must be in HIPAA/client confidentiality. 

ALL APPLICANTS - Documentation of current CPR certification. Certificate(s) must include competencies for adults and infants. 

Experience: EXPERIENCED PATHWAY ONLY - Must be currently practicing as a doula.

Letters of Recommendation: EXPERIENCED PATHWAY ONLY - Three (3) client evaluations from family’s served within the last year. 

Client Evaluations: ALL APPLICANTS - Three (3) client evaluations from family’s served.