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To provide a range of crisis assessments and case management services to individuals, families and others in the community seeking SUD treatment services. Essential Responsibilities will include: Phone triage and in-person triage making preliminary risk assessment. Facilitate inpatient and outpatient admissions to SUD treatment utilizing a database of treatment providers. Schedule urgent Intakes for SUD treatment, connect engage with clients and families. Coordinate referrals to treatment services, make arrangement through Engagement and Coordination teams/ or by other means to facilitate transportation of clients into treatment. Ensure seamless transition from the Engagement Center, Safe Place to Stay or the community to the treatment provider of choice

Renewal Inc.

A. Engagement Services
1. Provide initial screening and triaging of calls to the Engagement Center and assign them to the appropriate Engagement Center staff as per established protocols and procedures.
2. Provide initial screening and triaging of in-person contacts of all individuals, family members or significant others seeking Engagement Center services. Assign in-person contact to the appropriate Engagement Center staff for follow-up post initial screening and triage service.
3. Facilitate inpatient, outpatient or ancillary service admission utilizing a database of treatment and ancillary service providers.
4. Schedule urgent care intakes for SUD treatment, connect and engage with clients, families and significant others.
5. Coordinate referrals to treatment services and/or ancillary services, make arrangements through the Engagement and Coordination Teams/ or by other means to facilitate transportation of clients to the treatment provider.
6. Ensure seamless transition from the Engagement Center, Safe Place to Stay to the treatment provider of choice/ most appropriate treatment setting.
7. Dispatches Engagement and Coordination Teams in response to incoming calls, in-person contacts and all other means of individuals seeking services.

B. Billing
1. Acts as the agency liaison to appropriate referring agencies, internally and externally.
2. Utilizes electronic medical records and other systems for the purpose of billing.

C. Administrative Tasks
1. Collects and properly file all pertinent information on all referrals.
2. Inputs appropriate referral and treatment information into various systems for invoicing and programming purposes.
3. Prepare reports and statistics needed for the operation of the program, and as requested by department offices. Responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information collected.
4. Enter client information into all required data systems/electronic medical records in a timely manner.
6. Proficient in Microsoft Office and electronic medical record systems.
7. Completes CMMR reports in a timely manner.
8. Contributes to the overall cleanliness and organization of the program.
9. Makes follow up calls to clients as a part of case management and aftercare services.
10. Assist in data collection and program research projects as necessary.
11. Assist in maintaining an up-to-date Emergency Services Resource Directory and Referral Resources Directory database.

D. Professional Relationships
1. Acts as the agency liaison to appropriate referring agencies.
2. Authorizes services.
3. Maintains a good rapport with external referral resources, i.e., managed care agencies, local hospital emergency rooms, police/law enforcement entities, paramedics, certified assessment centers etc…
4. Promotes Engagement Center services, Safe Place to Stay and Engagement and Coordination Team Services with external providers/entities.

E. Scheduling
1. Provide input into crisis service scheduling, to ensure that sufficient crisis service resources are in place to meet the needs of incoming calls and in-person contacts.
2. Assist the Director, Engagement Services with monitoring ongoing engagement efforts within the Engagement Center and Safe Place to Stay. Ensure staff are properly scheduled to meet service need.

F. Other duties as assigned.


Knowledge and understanding of DSM Diagnostic Criteria and required assessment tools. Knowledge of behavioral codes and billing procedures to include ICD 10 Codes. Knowledge and familiarity with ASAM and DSM-V. Knowledge of Co-occurring Disorders. Demonstrated ability to work effectively and efficiently, multi-task, self- starting, motivated, and adept to changing technology, conducting research; must be computer literate. Writing skills and interpersonal skills are a prerequisite to employment. Knowledge of co-occurring disorders and substance dependence needed for this position.

Or Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college with a major in chemical dependency, psychology, social work, counseling, nursing (with a clinical specialty in the human services) or other related field and 2 years’ D&A clinical experience required. Certification preferred.
PA Drivers’ License, High Degree of Ethics and Act 33/34 required.

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Please visit the Career Page at www.renewalinc.com to apply for this position.

To reach out to the HR department directly, please contact Richard Shenk at rshenk@renewalinc.com