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The Community Health Worker- New Member Enrollment will locate, engage, and educate members referred to AbsoluteCare by their health plan to have the member switch their PCP to AbsoluteCare or to have them enroll in other services with AbsoluteCare. Establish trust and build meaningful relationships with members. Promote AbsoluteCare medical center as the “Go-To” resource for our members instead of using the emergency room or other fragmented higher cost medical resources. This role assists with improving access to health care services, increasing health and screening, enhancing communication between community members and health providers, and reducing the need for emergency and specialty services.

Apply directly: http://gr.8job.co/wV8E5Rew

AbsoluteCare Medical Center and Pharmacy
7301 Penn Avenue

Duties and Responsibilities

Execute creative outreach strategies that will:
Be in the community as the “feet on the street” to locate and engage members from a targeted list, who might be hard to locate or build rapport with.
Attract potential members to enroll at AbsoluteCare as their PCP or in ancillary services such as Care Management or Behavioral Health services.
Effectively explain the benefits of enrolling at AbsoluteCare.
Outreach to families and/or caregivers.
Locate, engage, and educate member on AbsoluteCare’s services.
Perform telephonic outreach to targeted list which includes “cold calling” to assigned members in attempt to have member choose AbsoluteCare as their new PCP.
Explain AbsoluteCare’s model of care and the benefits to the member if choosing AbsoluteCare as primary care provider (PCP).
Connect members with appropriate AbsoluteCare resources if member does not wish to change PCP to AbsoluteCare.
Follow up with members in effort to choose AbsoluteCare as new PCP if they select other AbsoluteCare services.
Locate members via home visits.
Connect members to needed community resources.
Identify barriers to care, especially those that have, are currently, or may negatively impact engagement in care or healthcare goals.
Gain insight into the reasons and manner by which members have managed their health in the context of their day-to-day lives, including any resources that members are connected with, and utilize to meet their needs.
Instill and promote AbsoluteCare’s 5-star customer service philosophy in the medical center and in the community by promoting the AbsoluteCare Way.
Report and enter daily outreach activities into CRM and electronic medical record.


Minimum Qualifications

Must have a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and reliable personal vehicle.
Proficient in PC skills, such as Microsoft Office.
Experience in documenting into electronic medical record.
Knowledge of local community resources and local area.
Previous experience in human services field, community outreach, and medical field preferred.
High school diploma or equivalent required.
Community Health Worker experience desirable.
Ability to work evening and weekend hours when needed.