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The Employment Support Services Coordinator (ESSC) will provide direct leadership and supervision of peer- and community-based employment support programming, including the Recovery Friendly Workplaces Philadelphia initiatives, and services delivered by peer recovery support specialist staff working within employment programs and initiatives at the Unity Recovery center. The ESSC will work under the guidance of the Executive Director and/or the Recovery Support Services Director to facilitate the engagement of individuals who may benefit from employment, vocational, and/or direct recovery support services, whether at the drop-in recovery center, through technological means, or in the community. The ESSC will serve as a role model, mentor, advocate, navigator, and motivator to peer staff, and at times, individuals in or seeking recovery in an effort to promote person-centered recovery planning and goal realizations, which may include reductions in harm from substance use and sustaining long-term recovery. The ESSC must demonstrate an ability to manage all aspects of employment and vocational programming at a recovery community center, including staff and programming scheduling, one-on-one and group supervision, referral partner relationships, workplace partner relationships, and development of new programming as needed. The ESSC should consciously share personal recovery experiences as appropriate, develop authentic peer-to-peer relationships, and have an understanding of and respect for each individual’s unique path to recovery.

COMPENSATION: $45,000-$55,000 salary range with optional health, dental, and vision benefits

Unity Recovery

● Provide oversight and direct supervision of employment programs peer recovery support specialist staff.
● Facilitate daily shift debriefs, as well as weekly individual supervision, and monthly group supervision in partnership with the Recovery Support Services Director.
● Provide peer-based employment and recovery support services to individuals contemplating or actively seeking help with behavioral health recovery as needed.
● Engage in relationship building and management with community, business, and governmental partners as needed to further the reach and impact of employment support services and programming;
● Administrative duties to include employment support services scheduling, staff schedules, data tracking and entry, monthly service engagement reports, and regular communication via digital platforms.
● Implement and maintain the Recovery Friendly Workplaces Philadelphia program to include, but not limited to: providing training and technical assistance to partnership organizations; facilitate quarterly advisory council meetings; enroll new businesses in the program in Philadelphia; complete monthly and annual program grant reporting.
● Ability to read and interpret financial reports and make service and programming recommendations to the Executive Director and Recovery Support Services Director based upon this information.
● Conduct self in an ethical manner by adhering to the PCB codes of ethics.
● Follow and adhere to the recovery bill of rights.

1. Provide employment education to individuals for every phase of the recovery journey from pre-recovery engagement, recovery initiation, recovery stabilization, and sustained recovery.
2. Identify emergency or crisis situations and facilitate access to appropriate resources, negotiating and connecting individuals with resources and navigating systems.
3. Provide direct daily supervision of peer recovery support specialist employment program staff to include real-time feedback loops, problem solving, and recommendations as needed.
4. Assist in the development and enhancement of peer recovery support specialist staff professional growth, including training and education in ethics, recovery support service delivery, employment support service delivery, resource navigation, and other topics as relevant
5. Direct the organizations collaboration and partnerships with institutions to provide effective employment support services to identified individuals.
6. Maintain project logs, reports, and accurate records in appropriate files and database(s), adhering to program standards.
7. Maintain confidentiality regarding information received during the facilitation of recovery support services – maintain current understanding of federal, state and local confidentiality rules and regulations.
8. Engage in continuing professional development relative to recovery support services, applying practical and professional knowledge and experience. Maintain CRS, CPS, or CFRS credential and attain new credentials as appropriate.
9. Other duties as directed by Executive Director or Recovery Support Services Director.


• Certified Recovery Specialist, Certified Peer Specialist, or Certified Family Recovery Specialist with at least three years of experience working in community-based recovery settings, and at least one year of experience supervising peer staff in a community-based recovery setting.
• Background check may be required for staff that will work with youth, inside criminal justice settings, or other settings as determined by the Executive Director.
• Reliable and insured personal transportation.

• Experience managing a recovery-centric employment services program in a community-based setting, including managing peer support staff, and maintaining community and business partnerships.