Want to train for PCB?  We are always looking for new trainers, and have developed a list of topics we would love to be represented. If one or more of these is your area of passion or expertise, submit the Application to Train.

Clinicians/Recovery/Peer Specialists

  • What is my role in treatment?
  • How to capture meaning in work/life
  • Peers: working together- MH/SUD
  • Family Peer focused
  • Peer Workforce – How/what peers can teach clinicians/treatment teams and others

Treatment Approaches

  • EMDR
  • Tapping Techniques
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Family Therapy- what works and why
  • Couples Counseling
  • Nutritional Interventions for SUD/MH
  • Harm Reduction – Tools and Techniques
  • Trauma, SUD and Veterans
  • Strategies for better individual and group therapy experiences
  • Mindfulness and holistic approaches to MH/SUD
  • CBT/DBT in action

Substances of Use

  • Opioids and alternative treatment approaches
  • Drug Trends
  • Marijuana (many training options here)
  • Opioid Epidemic and innovations in the Criminal Justice approach to those addicted - is there hope?
  • The complexities of medical marijuana for those with SUD
  • Pain Management for SUD Patients
  • Opioid abuse across the lifespan - similarities and differences in age groups and how that effects treatment strategies
  • Psychedelics

Treatment Topics

  • MH and SUD Prevention in youth and the elderly
  • Grief and Loss
  • Abuse/Traumatic events
  • Treatment challenges with Older Adults/Children/etc.
  • Treatment: Family Issues and Answers
  • Working with challenging families
  • Adolescents
  • The bridge between prevention and treatment
  • MAT
  • Alternatives to MAT with promise

Special Topics

  • Clinical Supervision
  • Complex Crisis Intervention
  • ASAM
  • In depth look at the pros and cons of 12-Step alternatives
  • Ethics
  • Bias in Treatment practices
  • Sex and Addiction
  • Is the victim role helpful or hurtful to healing?
  • Functional medicine and treatment
  • Advocacy in drug court setting
  • Models of Intervention
  • Bio-Psychosocial model - too much emphasis on the bio?
  • Professional characteristics- So who’s the expert here?
  • Improving service delivery for everyone
  • For the Professional - Time and Stress Management, Self-care
  • Psychiatric medications
  • Therapeutic Communities
  • Community Health