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The Peer Support Specialist is a qualified individual in the field of recovery support service care coordination who will guide and support the Lancaster County Inmates (referred to hereafter as: Students) through innovative reentry interventions designed to increase their well-being while providing contact, connection, and support with supportive services within the community.
Individuals employed in this position will have the ability to infuse SAMHSA’s definition of recovery with the transformational change approach to increase the student’s capacity to reach their full potential while addressing common problems and barriers to success.
The Peer Support Specialist must hold the following beliefs and demonstrate the following qualities: a personal belief in recovery; a genuine hope and optimism that the Students will succeed; a sincere interest in the welfare of the Students (including the ability to see each Student as a unique individual); a willingness to share their own personal experience with recovery/reentry and/or identify how they relate to the recovery/reentry process; an ability to flexibly engage the Student based on their level of receptivity and the Student’s needs while acknowledging that even the same person may need different types of services and/or approaches at different points in their process.
Essential Functions:
• Conduct Student intakes and assessments during orientation.
• Complete necessary paperwork related to programmatic activities.
• Establish rapport with Students.
• Develop and review Reentry Plans.
• As deemed appropriate, transport Students.
• Assist Students to navigate various systems.
• Assists Students in acquiring life skills and employment readiness.
• Assists Students to have relationships and social networks that provide support,
friendship, love, and hope.
• Demonstrate and model appropriate behaviors, effective coping techniques, and self-
help strategies.
• Negotiate, prepare, and oversee contacts/referrals with community agencies.
• Explore recommend and refer Students to appropriate programs.
• Implement project outreach, training, and education programs.
• Prepare assigned reports on program status and accomplishments.
717.419.6540 Tricia@naborscoachinggroup.com www.naborscoachinggroup.com
• As assigned, work on special projects as assigned by the NB Program Founder or NB Program Consultant.
• Demonstrate continuous effort to improve system, decrease recidivism/relapse among Students, and work cooperatively and jointly with NB Program Founder or NB Program Consultant and other Peer Support Specialists to provide best quality services.
• Develop rapport with referral agencies such as: treatment providers, detox programs, probation departments, prisons, halfway houses, recovery houses, etc.
• Compile monthly reports as needed.
• Have the passion, knowledge, and experience to implement and help grow the re-entry
team through peer support for New Beginnings program graduates.
• Present in each New Beginnings orientation and class about the NB+ program
• Administer pre-release, post-release and assessments and upload in data system.
• Co-determine services and programmatic needs of re-entering Students-around services
for mental health and substance use treatment, public benefits, healthcare, etc.
• Assist in creating re-entry plans to develop realistic goals and personal action plans to
ensure successful reintegration and reinforce the key subjects covered in the New Beginnings curriculum to support re-entry well-being: healthy thinking patterns, meaningful work plans, effective coping strategies, positive social engagement/supports, and positive relationships.
• Serve as a liaison between Students, prison re-entry staff, community organizations (i.e., transitional living facilities, parole officers, etc.), and family to ensure networks of support are communicating.
• Build partnerships, utilize existing partnerships, and serve as a liaison to other organizations and employers working on re-entry efforts.
• Communicate with program Students to do wellness check-ins and progress updates on re-entry and personal action plans.
• Facilitate groups focused on skills and topics necessary for successful re-entry (i.e., recovery, social support, subjects from the New Beginnings curriculum, etc.). Once weekly in the prison and once weekly within the community.
• Communicate proactively and collaboratively with Nabors Coaching Group, LLC, NB Program Founder, NB Program Consultant, and prison staff.
• Collect and maintain accurate records in our database to monitor the progress of program Students which include case notes on well-being check-ins, re-entry and personal action plans, milestone achievements, attendance records, class progress (if in school), and employment verification.
• Participate in staff meetings to coordinate information on Students’ release/parole dates, needs, and updates to the progress and well-being of Students.
• Serve as support if needed/asked to probation appointments.
• Provide essential re-entry services and connections to outside agencies for additional
• Maintain a professional atmosphere and confidentiality of Students.
• Coordinate information sharing with applicable contacts.
• Manage, track, and manage record-keeping for metrics of service delivery.

Nabors Coaching Group LLC
313 W. Liberty Street Lancaster PA 17603

o Ability to establish rapport with multi-cultural Student base.
o Ability to effectively and appropriately share personal stories and experiences to assist
info@newbeginningsplus.com www.naborscoachinggroup.com
o Thorough knowledge of SAMSHA’s definition of recovery and the transformational change approach.
o Willingness to acquire an appropriate certification from the Pennsylvania Certification Board (that is: CRS or CRFS or CAAC)
o Ability to use current technology, i.e., computers, smart phones, etc. o Ability to facilitate Student groups.
o Ability to act as liaison with local recovery community.
o Current involvement with own personal recovery program.
o Recordkeeping/paperwork by maintaining and updating all files and contents on a regular basis.
o Responsive to team members, prison staff, students, and e-mail correspondence within a 24-hour period.
o Exhibit a passion for working with marginalized populations and can discern group- appropriate behaviors.
o Engage as a learner who seeks feedback from a place of curiosity (i.e., asking questions for clarity, etc.).
o Embody a non-judgmental, empathetic approach believing all Students are learners and worthy of respect and patience.
o Able to work within a prison facility context and can follow the rules established by the institution (i.e., no cell phones, conservative dress code, etc.).
o Receives feedback and uses it to improve skills.
o Exceptional communication skills, specifically in the form of working with internal
systems and community systems in person and in writing.
o Ability to effectively communicate with various stakeholders.
o Experience in navigating conflict and political atmosphere.
o Discretion in judgment concerning confidential and/or sensitive information.
o Self-motivated (i.e., trusted to do independent work, etc.) and self-aware.
o Understands when to ask for assistance and has the courage to ask.
o Capable of holding the attention of Students, adept at pivoting impromptu discussions,
and welcomes pushback from Students. o Proficiency in computer usage.
o Capacity to manage multiple simultaneous demands and stakeholders.
o Experience with group facilitation that integrates visual, audio, writing, and interactive
modalities that service a range of learning styles.
o Welcomes vulnerable conversations.
o Critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving.
o Active listener.
o Independent and open to feedback.
o Comfortable setting and adhering to boundaries and requirements.
o Flexibility.
o Strong written and verbal communication skills
o Ability to work some evenings and weekends.
o Knowledge and/or experience of jail/prison environment and knowledge of the criminal
justice system preferred.
o Combination of training, education, or lived experience working/participating in a
program or organization serving individuals who are system-impacted.


• Minimum Requirements
• High School Graduate/GED
• For Staff in recovery from a substance use disorder
they must have a minimum of two years of uninterrupted; AND
actively working on a personal program of recovery.
• Staff in recovery from co-addiction, must be working on a personal program of
• Pennsylvania Certification Board Certificate
• Must possess and maintain a current certificate, OR
• Must acquire appropriate certificate within one-year post-hire.
• Must have a valid driver’s license and a properly insured vehicle.
• Must have valid, current liability insurance.
• Must have the skill set to work independently with limited oversight.
• Must have three uninterrupted years of employment as a recovery specialist/peer
support specialist/etc.
• Must provide letters of reference (previous employers and personal)
• Individuals with a Criminal Background
• Must be willing to be vetted by Lancaster County Prison (LCP)
i. Certain convictions will restrict access to Lancaster County Prison (LCP)
ii. LCP will vet all interested persons
iii. It is at the discretion of LCP whether an individual with criminal convictions may have access to LCP
• In the event that the LCP criminal background check vetting process disqualifies a candidate, the hiring process will cease and desist

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