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Name Region(s) Affiliation Email
Donald Altemus Statewide Villanova, Independent
Patricia Baranowski Statewide Pro-A
Charles Chappell Statewide Independent
Erich Curnow West Independent
Alison Dunn Southeast The Council of SEPA Inc./PRO-ACT
Keith Elders Statewide PA Peer Support Coalition, Independent
Heather Fechtenburg Southeast The Council of SEPA Inc./PRO-ACT
Katrin Fieser Statewide Independent
Jonathan Fine Northeast, Southeast The Council of SEPA Inc./PRO-ACT
Ethan Frost Statewide PMHCA
Patricia Gadsden Statewide Independent, Life Esteem, Pro-A
Angela Grannas Central Independent
Melissa Groden Statewide The Council of SE PA/PRO-ACT
William Hample Statewide Independent, Villanova University College of Professional Studies
Chris Hertzog
Regina Higgins Central, Southeast Independent
Brian Kammerer Statewide Independent, PA Peer Support Coalition
Michael Krafick Central, West Pro-A
Karen Laboranti Central, Northeast Independent, Penn State U, Wilkes Barre, Penn State U, Scranton
Mary Murphy Northeast Luzerne Community College
Samantha Osterlof Statewide Empower the Mind
Kevin Puskaric Statewide PMHCA
Kathy Quick Statewide PMHCA
Jason Rilogio Statewide Independent
Ryan Schweiger Statewide Independent, St Luke's Penn Foundation
Brad Schweitzer Statewide Independent, Behavioral Health Education Services
Frederick Shue Statewide The Council of SE PA/PRO-ACT, Independent
Adam Sledd Statewide Unity Recovery
Martha Thompson Statewide Independent, Empower the Mind
Leilany Vargas Southeast Pro-Act
Shasta Wilkinson West Independent, Pro-A
Toccarra Williams West Independent