2017 Conference Presentation Handouts


Monday Morning

Keynote: Deb Beck: Handout 1, Handout 2

Preventing Overdose in the Era of Opioids: Strategies and Treatments that Work: PowerPoint 1, PowerPoint 2

Gender Specific Treatment: Treatment and Recovery

Addiction as Response to a Multi-Generational Trauma

Clinical Applications of Neuroscience


Monday Afternoon

The Connection Between Attachment and Substance Use Disorders

Countertransference and the Boundary of Self

Using Critical Thinking in Our Work: Handout 1, Handout 2

A Review of the Basics: Clinical Applications: Handout 1, Handout 2, Handout 3, Handout 4


Tuesday Morning

Keynote: Jean Bennett

Evolving Trends in Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorders

Kinky Sex or Sex Addiction: Looking Beyond the Behavior When Diagnosing Problematic Sexual Behavior

Ethical Dilemmas of Technology Use for Clinicians and Clinical Supervisors

Pharmageddon in Mental Healthcare: Are we getting better? A critical analysis of diagnoses, medicalization and outcomes in the treatment of mental health illness.


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