Employment Opportunity: Certified Recovery Specialist

The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania
Bucks County, PA

Duties and Functions: The Recovery Specialist’s role is to support others in recovery from a substance use disorder. The Recovery Specialist will serve as a role model, mentor, advocate and motivator to recovering individuals in order to help prevent relapse and promote long-term recovery. The Recovery Specialist must demonstrate an ability to share personal recovery experiences and to develop authentic peer-to-peer relationships.

1. Engage the individual and establish rapport, as evidenced by empathetic and active listening, communicating in a non-judgmental way, recognizing addictive behavior.
2. Assist the individual to identify and prioritize strengths and needs, using various techniques that engage individuals to self-disclose.
3. Assist in the development and enhancement of an individual’s comprehensive individualized recovery plan, recognizing many pathways to recovery, accessing and advocating for recovery and community resources. The goal should be to transition from professionally assisted recovery initiation to personally directed, community supported recovery maintenance.
4. Identify emergency or crisis situations and facilitate access to appropriate resources, negotiating and connecting individuals with resources and navigating the systems.
5. Actively identify and support linkages to community resources (communities of recovery, educational, vocational, social, cultural, spiritual resources, mutual self- help groups, professional services, etc.) that support the recovering person’s goals and interests. This will involve a collaborative effort including the recovering person, agency staff and other relevant stakeholders.
6. Conduct self in an ethical manner by adhering to the PCB codes of ethics, standards of practice, and Council policy and procedures.
7. Maintain confidentiality regarding information received during the facilitation of recovery support services. – maintain current understanding of federal, state and local confidentiality rules and regulations.
8. Engage in continuing professional development relative to recovery support services, applying practical and professional knowledge and experience. Maintain CRS credential.
9. Maintain project logs, reports and records in appropriate files and database(s).
10. Provide recovery education to service recipients for every phase of the recovery journey from pre-recovery engagement, recovery initiation, recovery stabilization, and sustained recovery maintenance.
11. Educate the individual, family and community about the disease of addiction, the recovery process and recovery resources.
12. Promote self-advocacy by assisting recovering persons to have their voices fully heard; their needs, goals and objectives established as the focal point of rehabilitation and clinical services.
13. Develop relationships with community groups/agencies in partnership with others in the agency. Work with staff and other community professionals to implement and promote recovery-oriented training programs and opportunities.
14. Other duties as directed by Executive Director and/or Management Staff.

Salary Range: $28,500 - $45,000 (Full-Time Range)


: The Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) must have a valid CRS certification through the Pennsylvania certification board. CRS will have a high-school diploma or general equivalency degree and within the last 12 months, maintained full or part time paid or voluntary work experience (preferably in social services) or obtained at least 24 credit hours of post-secondary education (preferably in social services). Recovery Specialist must be in recovery with at least 2 years sustained, current recovery history. Must have current valid driver’s license, insurance and vehicle; with the expectation that the CRS will meet with eligible individuals at locations in Bucks and Montgomery Counties depending on position acquired.

Individual must have an understanding of and respect for each individual’s unique path to recovery and a working knowledge of the drug and alcohol treatment system with a demonstrated commitment to the recovery community.

Contact Info: 

Resumes/applications can be forwarded to : jobs@councilsepa.org

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